Nordax Bank

Nordax is a leading Nordic specialist bank that offers competitive deposits and lending to approximately 150,000 private customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany.

I have worked with Nordax on several occations. The first time (2015-2016) was when they were changing to a new CMS. I was in charge of the front-end development to create the new design and cross over to episerver CMS. After the implementation I continued working with the progress of the new design.

The second time I worked with Nordax (2018-2019) I helped them to cross over to a more modern and easy to use designsystem, designsoftware and tools for easier cooperation between designers and developers. I also made designs for the webpage, my pages and a brand new system to help customer service in their daily work.

Nordax Bank iphone
Nordax Bank Design system Nordax Bank Design system